8 Years,
Many Industries

Digital Marketing Dynamo

Writing Your Success Story Online

Meet the 'Willis' of the digital world – I've orchestrated digital 'Winnings' in real estate, education, medical, healthcare, food & beverage and beyond. Curious how? I'll craft tailored ROI marketing strategies into online realities. Whether it's running data-driven Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, I'm here to help every industry thrive in the ever-evolving digital sphere.

Diving Deep into Digital

I use AI tools to complement my expertise to super-charge my market research,
consumer analysis, content development, personalised advertising, and data analytics.

Facebook & Google Ads

I leverage AI-enabled tools to optimize ad targeting, maximize ROI, and deliver highly personalized advertising, ultimately driving growth and success. I have experience in Facebook, Google & LinkedIn Ads. I’ve managed over 2 crores on paid advertising across my career in various industries.


SEO and Social Media

I differentiate myself in delivering SEO results and Social Media Marketing services by harnessing AI-enabled tools for keyword research, content production and stay updated to keep your social community engaged. I’ve managed to cater to a variety of industries to help companies augment their online reach.


Sales CRM Implementation

Tailoring your sales CRM to suit each department's unique needs can pose challenges; my approach involves analyzing their requirements and crafting customized workflows to ensure the CRM functions optimally. I have complete technical hands-on experience with Zoho CRM and LeadSquared.


Website & Logo Design

My website and logo designs impress viewers in under 5 seconds.


Press Release Writing

My PR distinguishes leaders with exceptional storytelling.


Marketplace (Amazon & Flipkart)

I optimize your sales and manage your products on a marketplace.



Years of Experience

Qualified Digital Marketing Professional

I’ve been in marketing since 2015 when I started my career in digital. In 2018, I designed this website to present your expertise to the public.

Working up the ranks, I started from Executive to Digital Marketing Manager. In this journey, I fell in love with marketing technology.

My unique blend of marketing experience means I look beyond your website alone. I integrate all components of your marketing mix (products, customers, email, social, etc).

Strategy First

My motto is "Strategy Before Tactics".


I leverage digital technology.

Digital Skillset

I have the technical expertise.

Information Corner


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Building B2B Brand Awareness on LinkedIn

The strategies and insights that fuelled their start on LinkedIn and increased their digital outreach.

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AI-Generated Content: The Pros, Cons, and Potential in Marketing

The future of content creation with ChatGPT. Uncover this technology for your marketing efforts.

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The Need for Speed: When to Choose Google Ads over SEO

In the fast-paced world of generating leads and closing quick sales, timing is everything. Explore the scenarios and strategies when opting for Google Ads and organic SEO.

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Solve Workplace Politics with Team Building


Forbes blog post, 2022

66% employees are more likely to retain if they felt more engaged.

Team Building

Improves workplace relationships between team members in the same department, and between departments.

Employee Engagement

Creates a sense of commitment and loyalty between employees and the organization to improve employee retention.

In-Person Team Building Activities

I conduct a thorough assessment of the team's needs and specific team challenges from the HR department and the team members involved. Trust-building exercises, problem-solving challenges, and interactive workshops to foster better communication and collaboration among team members. Team Sizes: 5 to 20 members.

In-Person Employee Engagement Activities

I work closely with the organization's leadership to identify key areas for improvement in employee satisfaction and productivity. I then develop organization-specific initiatives such as communication strategies, wellness workshops, career development plans - on an as-needed basis. Organization Employee Size: 10 to 50 employees.

Festive Enjoyment Activities

I curate memorable and fun festive-themed activities that ensure a joyful atmosphere where everyone can celebrate and bond together. I adhere to the organization's budget and cultural sensitivities.