As a digital marketer, it is easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle of marketing. Whether creating images and videos, blogs, promotional emails, search marketing, or even cold prospecting your leads, the options to reach your audience are endless. Advertising is a critical facet of running your e-commerce store, more so in this digital age. Unfortunately, for many, it can be elusive or tedious.

The reality is that we cannot excel in everything. Let’s say we choose social media marketing as a medium to advertise. We must choose the few right channels to dedicate our heart and our soul. If we assign our fraction of effort to every social platform, the prospects of a fruitful return become slim.

Why choose Facebook? Discover four reasons to choose Facebook Ads marketing.


Your Audience Is On Facebook

Facebook has an enormous user base! With a global count of 2.4 billion monthly active users, it is the most popular social network. You have the highest probability of reaching your audience here. To take advantage of this, Facebook offers businesses an advertising opportunity.


Facebook Ads Are Economical

Facebook’s cost-per-click is low-priced than many other online advertising platforms. If you set up your campaigns right, they will drive high-quality clicks to yield value for your business. Therefore, Facebook Ads are incredibly powerful and affordable to promote your business online.


Powerful Facebook Ads Targeting

Above all, you can target audiences on Facebook using ads with different formats and several possible ad targeting parameters.

Mastering your Facebook Ads targeting strategy gets you to your specific audience segment on a network where Indians spend an average of 2.5 hours of their day on social media.


Facebook Lead Ads for More Prospects

Facebook lead generation ads are designed to collect user information easily. The lead ad contains an image, video, or carousel as a nice incentive to encourage users to click through, followed by a lead form. As a result, with the right creative assets and campaign set-up, they can deliver leads to your business.


Measure your success with Facebook Ads

Before your campaign set-up, you must decide the metrics which will measure a successful campaign.

Do you want to increase sales?

Are you looking to create brand awareness?

Want to boost audience engagement?

Drive more organic traffic to your page/website?

Once the purpose of your campaign is established, identify your ideal clients/customers. Start by crafting a buyer persona of your perfect customer to build a bond with the real customers.


Next step: What type of Facebook Ad should you choose? Read my next blog post.