What digital marketing services can help your business grow?

Everything seems to be going digital in this day of age. From your music system connected to the internet to getting your car to send out your GPS location when you’re lost. Technology makes everything seem less; however, more importantly, to stay connected to the internet, you need to list your business on it. That’s precisely where Digital Marketing services come into play!

Your first thought can be – but it cost over ₹50,000 – ₹75,000 a month. How can I afford this? Well, you could certainly do so by contacting a digital marketing strategist who works independently. Therefore, charging you way less than the rough estimates you hear every time you speak to an agency.


Here are 10 of the basic Digital Marketing services that I offer:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is one of the most common services that you can expect to find because being able to found on top searches in Search Engines is an added advantage. This can be helpful if you don’t have a significant brand reach or have just started off your business.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

You must know by now that SEO helps you get to the top of the SERPs for the keywords you choose to rank. However, you can expect your competition to have the upper hand if they are currently employing some SEM strategies.

Basically, what SEM strategies do is allow you to pay for ad placements on Search Engines. You or your website then ends up being in a higher position placement than the first organic SERPs (Organic Search Engine Results Positions).

The thing about SEM you need to mostly imprint on is that it closely resembles pay-per-click advertising. This is where you set up your website for the specific purpose of getting leads to land via SEM strategies.


Website Strategy:

Having a website set-up isn’t going to be enough. You need to follow specific guidelines (that many popular Search Engines require) so that you can appear on search engines. Appearing on them isn’t enough to get you what you want. You need to also ensure that the right target audience is getting reached through your website.

Take, for example, you have a website promoting your website designing services. Now telling your target audience the benefits of having a superior website is more likely to get them to sign up for your services than sharing website templates snapshots on social media.

Some Digital Marketing experts may find the latter can also bring in customers, but hey, that’s the whole part of the website strategy that professionals such as me can help figure out for your business.


Social Media Marketing Services:

Social Media! Aah, the platforms where countless people seem to spend their time. Social Media isn’t just about sharing the personal stuff of individuals or people of importance (such as celebrities). It is also a medium through which brands can connect with different audiences.

Audiences can vary in different platforms – that’s what you need to focus on. So say the strategy you have been employing for your business on Facebook (something entertaining and informative for your audience) will not work for LinkedIn (where professionals hang).

When you reach out to me to acquire my Digital Marketing services, prepare to get barraged with different strategies you can implement on different social media platforms. This isn’t some educated guess that I make but rather a well-researched and practiced strategy that I preach, follow and implement to get results.


Email Marketing:

Many people state that email is a thing of the past, but that’s not what this is. Email Marketing can be beneficial for your business if you know how to do it right.

A Digital Marketing professional like me don’t just have the skills, aptitude, and education to do precisely. They will know guaranteed ways to get you leads, not just by working off strategies that are proven to work but also test out new methods of getting your customers/target audience to engage with your email outreach.



Re-targeting is something exactly as the word sounds. The gist of it is that you retarget people across the internet that have shown interest in your brand or the products and services that you offer.

A digital marketing expert can quickly help you navigate the roadblocks that can get in the way of your retargeting strategies.


Content Generation and Optimization:

Content Generation isn’t simple as writing down a couple of words in paragraphs and essays hoping to get people to read. It involves continuous research on keywords to focus your content on and understanding the user intent of the content you plan to put out.

Experts such as me can easily map this out with industry professional tools to create the perfect content generation and optimization strategy(ies) for your business.


Quality Link Building:

Link building is as important as having content on your website. Some SEO experts may argue that the former holds more sway over what can get you and your business to rank on Search Engines more easily. But who’s to state what exactly works as most of the Search Engines don’t share what can help you reach the top SERPs.

Links are basically hyperlinks which link together one particular website to another website. You can acquire several links for your website, and knowing which ones can help you outrank your competition is best left to experts with proven SEO strategies.


Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is quite similar to marketing, where you get people to sell things for you. Just as your sales team. But affiliates are not part of your organization at times and either work off a commission for each sale they carry out or the total revenue generated through them.

You can employ a professional to do it for you or your business. They use their own websites or other mediums of traffic to sell your services and products to their audience.


Integrated Online Marketing Strategies:

Most experts in the Digital Marketing profession know that while running specific marketing strategies, they need to harmonize with each other.

Not only should they work side by side with one another – but if possible should cross-work to get your target audience to come over to the platform where you seek them.

For example, you recently launched a new web-based software on your website, making designing websites effortless and flawless. Now marketing can be done efficiently on Search Engines and Social Media.


A reputed Digital Marketing expert can start off by drafting up a Press Release on the subject matter and then promote it. When and if it reaches the proper traction, it could be further boosted by sharing it on your business’s Social Media handles. If this garners more reach from your target audience, one can turn this into a viral video that the internet seems to be all over.

This way, you and your business can get a more outstanding reach with integrated online marketing than those that don’t employ these methods. So to sum it up all your marketing efforts should be work together to complement one another.

Ending this hoping that this clarifies why you should contact professionals such as me to acquire digital marketing services for your business. It matters not whether your business is small or big – new or established – profiting or drowning in debt; I can help you and your business elevate to new heights.