How to build brand trust through Video Marketing

Video provides a simple, engaging way for viewers to imbibe informational in a short time, which has led to a boom in video marketing. With more social media platforms catering to video-sharing rolling out – the boom will only increase over the next years.

Video marketing increases brand awareness, ultimately attracting qualified leads. You can take advantage of this – while building trust and increasing your brand value.

You have seen viral videos racking up views in the millions, propelling the artists and makers to instant fame. While you have nothing to lose to have a video turn viral, you don’t need a million viewers or subscribers to take full advantage of video marketing.

You can focus on building a strong, loyal customer base instead.


Why is video convincing?

Video is effective and can work for nearly any type of business. Moving imagery, music, voice, animation all work in unison to capture and retain the attention of your prospects. When customers come into contact with your videos regularly, they are more likely to recognize your brand. Using videos, we can portray emotion to stand out.

Use these videos to build trust

✔️ Intro Videos

Intro videos are a good start if you are new to video marketing. Whenever a visitor lands on your website, they generate the first impression. Good headlines, images, design, and content all combine to improve that impression.

A good welcome video on the home page or your video channel helps to heighten that first impression. It can be as simple as a hello from the CEO, thanks to the team or a short visual tour guide of your store. 

This will instantly let viewers know you are ready and willing to overcome their challenges. Your intro video can prove to be a building block to a lasting connection from the first few moments.


✔️ Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos introduced early on are highly effective in building trust in your brand.

Explainer videos are often short videos lasting a few 30 – 120 seconds on frequently asked questions to highlight a solution. You can use an animated explainer video to impart information to solve your visitor’s problem – all within a few seconds. You can show your empathy to their problem, and offer them a way to overcome it. 

The great thing about adding animation is its ability to make content grasping and engaging. People enjoy viewing brief animations, and as they easily fit into their busy daily routines. Explainer videos can essentially cover any subject, so you can acclimate them to connect with your customers.


✔️ Educational Videos

You can deepen the established trust by providing educational videos about your products and services. Occasionally, video can offer a thorough explanation or better clarify how your service or complex product works.

You can take advantage of educational videos to show customers you understand them, and you want to help them.


✔️ Influential Videos

Social proof generates trust; some of the best ways to use social proof is by gathering testimonials from your customers and collaborating with influencers from a relevant field.

Testimonial videos, product reviews are classic trust-boosters. In the end, you can praise your company all you want, but it’s just your opinion. When a third-party member talks about the positive experience they had with your company, it is far more convincing.

In the same way, joining forces with industry influencers give customers a confidence boost to start a business with you.


✔️ FAQ Videos

New website visitors might have a lot of questions or the need to clarify doubts. Take this opportunity to provide the answers for them in the form of FAQ videos.

Find what the most common questions can be. Note questions when people contact you. In this way, you can provide the information your targets need. FAQ videos can confirm your company as professional and caring to understand their concerns.


✔️ Live Videos

Live streaming has grown popularity in recent years. They show the people behind your brand. You could hold live office premise tours, webinars, and interview with the CEO or employees.

They present a fresh, unedited version of your brand, giving more reasons for viewers to build trust in you.