10 digital marketer skills to have in 2022

You need the right set of digital marketer skills. These top ten digital marketing skills will help you seek a freelance digital marketing career to attract customers. Keep up with the time:

Video Marketing

Videos are attractive. Videos are highly shareable. Videos are an extremely effective marketing tool to reach your audiences. Your video marketing skills as a digital marketing expert will come to use in 2022 for growing any business online. You have seen the growing trend for short-form videos like Instagram Reels and IGTV, YouTube Shorts, Facebook Shorts after TitTok’s popularity.

Audio Marketing and Podcasts

We are spending more time on our mobile devices than any other kind of device. And audio fits easily into our daily activities (commuting, exercising, commuting).

Podcasts require concentration from listeners. Invested listeners develop loyalty towards the host/company, which carries over to advertised products or services. Incorporating voiceovers, music, jingles, or podcasts can build an emotional connection with consumers. 

Influencer Marketing

If you have not collaborated with an influencer for your social media marketing client, it is time. Collaborating with influencers helps gain more views from the influencer’s followers, gains your follower’s trust, and grows loyal brand advocates. Influencer marketing can help you have a new audience base different from the current base of followers, reinforce reputation, and foster the brand’s credibility.

Data-driven Marketing

Leverage marketing analytics tools to gather data, measure ROI, personalize your user’s experience and improve conversion rates. They make it easy for digital marketing professionals to generate reports to share with your clients without relying on data scientists. 

Add knowledge and experience using marketing analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, SEMRush to your digital marketing skills.

You can capture and track your website visitor data, paid ad campaign performance data, customer journey, purchase data, email marketing success data.

Mobile Marketing

On the work desk, bedside table, car’s dashboard, in our hands – we keep our mobile phones at an arm’s reach. It is not surprising that mobile marketing will be essential to capture the user’s attention directly. Engage your client’s audience with SMS marketing, in-app marketing, email marketing.

Market Research

Being a freelance digital marketer, you will need strong analytical abilities to research your audience. Who will be your target audience likely to hire you for your marketing services? You will also need to market research your client’s audiences and determine the type of marketing strategy best for them. 

You must remain ahead of the digital marketing curve by continuing to research the latest marketing trends. Use your market research skills to analyze the trends driving traffic and orders for similar brands. 

Content Marketing

As an all-around digital marketer, you must now add content marketing to your digital marketing skills. You are responsible for generating high-quality and unique content. You must learn to diversify content, repurpose existing content across various social channels.

Social Media Strategy

Your digital marketer skills should be – part technical and part creative. Explore your creative mindset and add your sound knowledge of social media platforms. Your social media marketing strategy must encompass the latest trends, discovering strategies, and test their success. Provide valuable information on social media that help engage audiences, which in turn maximizes sales, and grows your client’s business.

Search Engine Optimisation

You need to understand how your client’s brand pages can rank on the top search results of search engines. Search engine optimization efforts can help generate leads and create the best first impression on your client’s customers.