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Google Ads Advertising

Why PPC Matters

Pay-per-click campaigns are the fastest and extremely effective marketing method for visibility in the search results. However, one unfortunate step in an ineffective PPC strategy will waste your time and money. An unproductive approach will fetch haphazard results and likely not reach your intended audience.

Coming to Willis Writing, you’ve reached the right place. From search ads, display ads to programmatic efforts, I have done it all. Experience in managing a variety of PPC campaigns, I’m certain with my ability to help you. When I work with a client to create a PPC campaign, I develop a holistic solution to drive in leads.


Choosing for top placement on the search engine results page is a valued tactic when using the right search terms. I will perform an analysis of the best keywords to beat the competition and spend your money in an effective way.


Search sponsored shopping is popular to show consumers relevant products they may show interest in. I evaluate your available products to determine what should be sponsored.


YouTube gets a million views each day, making it one of the most visited social platforms on the internet. I can help you determine the types of YouTube ads that should be running for your brand, which featured ad will be best for your products or services.


Display ads are the most preferred ad type to create brand awareness as they are placed all over the internet. However, these ads may not always reach the right audience. I analyze your current strategy to implement targeting to make your display ads more effective.


Consumers are increasingly targeted with the products they have viewed or recommended other products based on their search. I help you to understand better where your customers are and how you can convert faster than ever before.


One of the new channels, programmatic advertising, is a gamechanger. Deliver ads to the right people at the right time. When appropriately integrated, it is efficient and leads to a more targeted campaign. I can help you optimize your advertising and reinvest ad spend.

How it Works

SEO goes beyond keywords. It takes the right techniques to acquire the desired outcomes. I can help with it all.



I perform an in-depth analysis of your current PPC campaigns or create a current strategy. Using this information, I determine your channel selection and develop your campaign strategy.

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Launch & Trial

I launch your campaign and begin tracking results, looking for improvements. With trials and tweaks, your campaign will go through changes to become highly effective.

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Optimization & Results

As I continue to monitor your campaign and optimize when needed, you will go ahead of your competition. And with PPC, your money is well spent when you receive more leads.

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