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Social Marketing

Why Paid Social Marketing Matters

Running paid social media campaigns are excellent in reaching new customers while maintaining engagement with existing ones. But you must do so effectively! Otherwise, you are squandering money into emptiness, hoping for results. And with a multitude of social platforms available, the decision of which, where, and how to run campaigns become more complex.
This is where I can help. Understanding your customer journey, I use this to produce more effective social ads for you. You stop wasting money, see improved results, achieve goals such as more revenue, an increase in customers!

Customer Journey

Our team will identify the milestones of your customer journey and work to remove obstacles from their path. Once implemented, we will continuously monitor results to optimize our strategy.

Ad Creative & Copy

High-quality content and multimedia enhance your paid social advertising. I help you craft unique creatives and content conveying the brand emotion, which makes your ads stand out.

Pixel Tracking Setup

Monitoring the behavior of your customers can offer a valued understanding of their purchase processes. I will set up pixel tracking across your social channels, set goals, measure the quality of the results, and make adjustments as needed.

Target Right Audiences

Paid advertisements are a waste when failed to display to the targeted group of audience. My expertise in segmenting your audience and managing advertisements to be displayed to your customer base helps you show your ads to the right people.

Product Feed

Enticing prospects and customers will relevant products can bring more revenue. I take care of curating and managing product feeds, so you profit from the results without the heavy lifting.

Testing & Optimization

My work does not end. As I execute a new paid social strategy and continue thereafter, I will test each advertisement and continue to make changes in the ad to optimize results.

How it Work

SEO goes beyond keywords. It takes the right techniques to acquire the desired outcomes. I can help with it all.


Customer Journey Roadmap

To help you with your marketing, I spend time mapping out exactly what your customer journey should be. Starting from an analysis of your past paid ads, current competitive landscape, and going to audience segmentation, I understand your customers.

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Launching Ads & Testing

With a better understanding of your customers, I launch new advertisements and test each. I will create both copy and creative assets while testing new copy and creative in the advertisement to determine what works best until we find the perfect combination.

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Results & Growth

Through trial and testing, I improve your paid social results. You will see an increase in revenue, customer base, and engagement.

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