How to use social media during our time of social distancing

While we may not have a choice but to quarantines ourselves, it is the only way to control the spread of this pandemic. It hasn’t been easy to sit at home in isolation; it may not get easier the next few days either. Even more so, when we’re so used to meeting everyone at work, hanging out with co-workers and friends.

The current circumstances are mentally stressful and may cause anxiety (I broke down into tears at one point). But we are lucky to be living in a time where technology thrives, giving us plentiful mediums for social interactions. Social media is connecting us virtually, if not physically.


To keep you from a few drawbacks of social isolation, here are a few ways to stay safe at home and still be able to connect to your social circle. Consider using the following platforms:


1. Use social media or Zoom to catch up

Most social media websites and applications offer voice or video calling as a feature. Some enable a group video chat with more than two people on most of the social media platforms out there.

The feeling of restlessness has set in, but through these applications, you can stay connected with the people who matter the most. Even if you are video calling them to say hi.

Here’s a crazy idea: Invite all your friends you take an office break with, schedule a lunch meeting, or evening coffee with them. Continue the banter, poke fun at someone, or discuss work, the usual conversation you would have on a regular workday.

Imagine having your evening coffee with your co-workers. You’d do this if you were in the office, why not now over Facebook, Instagram, or Zoom. It’s definitely going to lift your mood.

If you still can’t decide how to go about your day or how to keep a loved one occupied, here is what you can do.

✔️ Create a time for all your friends and distant family to connect. For instance, make a video call to your grandmother at breakfast, your favorite nephew at lunch, and a friend who would never expect your call for dinner. Surprise them with a call. This will cheer you and them.

✔️ Want to celebrate good news, a birthday, project completion, or announcing your achievement on something as small as nailing a recipe? Video call. Call your loved ones while you are at it, tell them it’s a celebration party, share with them your progress, or a close-up look at your beautifully plated dish. We can’t share a bite of your food, but we don’t mind seeing it.

✔️ Don’t want to watch the TV series alone? Video call your friend. You and your best friend have always sat on one couch to watch Star Trek together. This time it will be slightly different. Watch it alone and together. Watch the series on your screen while on a video call. Sometimes feeling their presence through your phone or laptop can be reassuring.


2. Host or join live videos

Events and large gatherings are discouraged now. People are missing out on a lot of events that they would have been attending otherwise, including seminars, prayers at the local place of worship, concerts.

If you are someone who was hosting the event, then you can host and stream live video.

Here’s an example to show how it works: Some churches did not allow any live audience for the Palm Sunday service but streamed the service on YouTube.

If you are a DIY maker, then it the best way to get creative and show your DIYs to an audience. Marketers can carry out informative talks to interact with their audience. Many schools and universities have chosen to conduct online classes to enable students to continue their regular learning. Such applications can also be fruitful to help employees interact with one another.


Remember that you are not alone

This is probably the first time for us all, that one-third of the world has been adversely affected by a disease.

It is not easy to accept the fact that our lives have changed, and it continues to take time to adjust to the new scenario. But everything is in the best interests of you and the people around you to maintain this social distance.

Everyone is going through this together, and we understand how lonely it may feel. Take your time to connect with your ‘people’ and support others through these tough times virtually.

Let’s not forget older adults who may be too feeble and tech-savvy. Help them through this as well. Call them often and help them virtually.

Only together we can, and we will!