How to build brand loyalty through Video Marketing

While increasing brand trust will undoubtedly lead to more brand loyalty, few videos are dedicated to generating more loyalty.


✔️ Thank You Videos

Once a lead turns into a customer, don’t forget them. It’s easier to retain existing customers than finding new ones, so try to hold your positive impression with a ‘thank you’ video.

A thank you video can making an honest approach to building loyalty. Your earnest gratitude to them for choosing your business among the others is very powerful. Even more so, most customers will not be expecting a brand to thank them personally, it’s an easy win for you.

Create a video thanking them for their purchase and send it. You could create a personal thank you video for each customer or have a common video for all of them.

You could go an extra step and recommend a product they’d want or need based on their purchase. Suggest a few tips or solutions to their problems.


✔️ Welcome Videos

Welcome videos can be a great way to greet customers when signing up for your email list.

Use a video to welcome new customers to your existing community and make them feel they are special, building their loyalty towards your brand from the start.


✔️ Product Demonstrations

Demonstrate the uses, benefits of your products. Create videos to show customers how to get the most out of their purchases.

If you are launching a new product/service/concept, for example, show your customers and visitors how to use it, how it works, how they can benefit in a short video. Highlight instructions, tips, and tricks, and enhance their experience.


✔️ General Video Tips

No matter which types of videos you create, there are general rules to follow, which create the right impression leading to more brand loyalty.

–  Know your audience’s needs by asking them what they want. Inquire their problems, send surveys, request feedback, encourage reviews, and then answer their questions directly in your videos.

–  Create content that shines – be original. Make it stand out to differentiate you from the competition, as well as capture and retain attention.

–  Establish a goal for every video and focus on that goal. Give every video a specific purpose.

–  Try to have an emotional connection with viewers. Use emotive language, tap on sensitive subjects, create touching images and music, and don’t make them dull. If possible, your videos should encourage and create helpful sentiments that surprise your viewers.

–  Share your videos to get maximum views as possible. Leverage relevant social media channels; don’t just leave them at one platform.

–  Measure the success of each video. Check the number of shares and views each gets, the average viewing time, how many leads it generates. You can learn from each video and implement it in the next.



Brand loyalty is something that you continuously need to work towards. Once you have loyal customers, they will come back time and time again. You also need to retain them.

Video marketing is a fantastic way to build loyalty. By creating regular videos, you can continue to grow your loyal customer base over time. Overall, focus on making customers feel good – generate positive experiences for your viewers.

If you’ve got an idea, product, or service that you want to transform into custom video content, get in touch today.