Digital Marketing for Startups and Small Businesses

I was employed as a digital marketer for the past six years – starting from an SEO specialist to Social Media Executive and Digital Marketing Expert. I have compiled four essential strategy elements for digital marketing for startups and small businesses based on experience.

Top 4 Elements of Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)

Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads) helps your website appear in Google search through paid advertisements.

Fast results: Google Ads Paid Marketing gets traffic to your website fast and helps you acquire leads in a shorter timeframe. You pay based on clicks to your website or revenue generated.

However, many small businesses have lost a lot of money trying to advertise on Google without knowledge. You can lose money if you don’t know how to bid effectively, tackle the pricing spikes during busy seasons, reverse low-return targeting to generate revenue.

Who will benefit:
  • Businesses with well-known products and services
  • Businesses with users actively searching for products/services

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Social Media Advertising (Social Media Ads)

Advertising on social media gives your brand instant visibility. Each social media platform is designed to facilitate brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, and more business goals.

As the organic reach of social media posts continues to fall, paid social media advertising should be a principal strategy element in digital marketing for startups and small businesses.

However, social media advertising can be time-consuming; you need to always engage with your audience promptly, monitor your analytics to gauge your marketing efforts.

Who will benefit:
  • Businesses with brand/product/service awareness goals
  • Businesses with goals to advertise to their returning customers

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Content Marketing

Content marketing entails creating and sharing valuable content consistently to attract the attention of the target audience. This can be done through sharing blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts. Users become more familiar with your brand and the value addition your company provides.

One of the biggest challenges a brand may face is ensuring the right content serves your target customers’ needs at every stage of the buyer journey.

For example, brands can choose videos to help raise awareness; PRs and detailed articles to help customers during their consideration phase; and free product/service demo during their decision time.

Who will benefit:
  • All businesses with long-term marketing plans

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Influencer, Affiliate, and Referral Marketing

Audiences adore and trust their favorite influencers, and learn about your brand from them will instigate more trust. Your existing customer or friends can stand as influencers or affiliates. Collaborating with influencers and affiliates allows your brand to increase your outreach faster by using them as your company’s advocates.

The setting, tracking, and monitoring of a referral program can get tricky. Have an automated referral program to easy-to-share links that your company can seamlessly track.

The cost to collaborating influencers can be high; affiliates get paid a percentage of sale or “pay per action.”



I understand that digital marketing for startups and small businesses is a little overwhelming to begin with, but with the right professional help from a digital marketing expert, you will be able to start in the right direction.

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